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Backlink policy

This basic policy overviews how we will provide backlinks to external websites

Based on the quality of our website and content, other webmasters, backlink builders and SEO professionals frequently request that we link our blog content to their articles.

We will evaluate these opportunities on a case-by-case basis and generally only provide links as we see fit, or if a relevant backlink from a high-quality website of equal or greater value is offered.

Based on the volume of requests, we do not respond to every email or inquiry, only those where we are interested based on the quality of your website, content, and after careful consideration of the competitive nature of what we may be linking to.

If we do engage your request here is a summary of what we typically will agree to if you are willing to meet our backlink policy requirements:

  • We will link blog posts that are at least 90 days old to the content of your choosing after reviewing the link request in detail. Our goal is to ensure:
    • The content we are linking to is on a website in our niche/industry
    • The content appears to give good advice, in our professional opinion (we avoid content that describes blackhat techniques, fads, and "tips and tricks," etc)
    • The site does not have a high spam score and does have a domain authority of at least 20+
    • If the content has an author bio or calls to action of a competitive nature, this is not necessarily a deal-breaker so long as the competing service appears to be trustworthy and reputable
  • What we will require in return:
    • A backlink to a piece of content on our website with an equal or greater domain or page authority
    • Hopefully, this link will come from a DIFFERENT page on your site than the one you are requesting us to link to, but PREFERABLY will come from a different domain/website altogether
    • Please utilize anchor text in the hyperlink that includes keywords that are relevant to the services we offer, or includes parts or variations of our company name
    • We ask that you keep this link in place once secured and we will monitor the link after we have finalized our exchange
    • We typically will not agree to an exchange if the link placement back to our site is from a page with a large number of outbound links (for example, a "listicle" type of article listing and linking to dozens of other sites you've participated in a link exchange with)

If you'd like to suggest a link exchange feel free to contact us today via our main contact form and a team member will get in touch if interested:  https://www.vendilli.com/contact