Connecting Personal LinkedIn Profiles to HubSpot

A simplified version of how to connect your personal LinkedIn page to HubSpot. For more details and to learn how to connect other platforms, visit HubSpot's article on the topic.

Before you begin, please note that the person following this guide will need to have a HubSpot user account and should be the owner of the LinkedIn account they are trying to authorize. 

  1. Login to HubSpot and navigate to the Social tab (under Marketing)
  2. Once on the social page, click on the Settings gear in the top right corner
  3. Click “Connect accounts”
  4. Select LinkedIn
  5. Login to your LinkedIn via the popup
  6. Select your personal account (if applicable; some people may have a business profile connected to their LinkedIn account)
  7. Close out confirmation message (via X or “Continue set up” button - both will close out the dialogue box) 


Please note, users connecting their LinkedIn profiles to HubSpot will need to re-authenticate the connection periodically. We recommend bookmarking this page for easy reference. For assistance with connecting other platforms or additional information, visit HubSpot's KnowledgeBase article on this topic.